AutoPilot on its way, Innova Support, and Tin Lizzie 18LS + MQR up for sale!

Hello all — I placed the order for the Innova AutoPilot at MQS, so I should have a detailed report in a couple weeks when Matt or Michael comes to install it!  They’ve made improvements since my last look at the robotics in February, so it will be definitely interesting to see.

So, in case you are looking for a starter robotic quilting system, I have my Tin Lizzie 18LS + the Machine Quilting Robot (Munnich Designs) up for sale.  It is a great system to start out with, with an 18″ throat, 10′ or 13′ foot table length (I have both sets of poles), and a very high-quality quilting robot.  Recall that the reason I upgraded to the Innova was to be able to robotically quilt large blocks at once (sorry for taking so long on your quilt, Barbara!).  If your blocks are not larger than 12″ in general, the Tin Lizzie 18LS is a good buy when you can get it used — I am selling the whole system for $10,000 or best offer.  Anyone interested? Reply to this post or send me an email through my site at Quilting by Jeanne.

For all you Innova fans out there (or Innova wanna-be fans) — I have to mention the fantastic customer support we get.  We have access to 24/7 customer support — I almost always get Michael, who is the father of the CEO of ABM International, and an amazingly patient man.  He just walked me through all of the details on timing the machine and the subtleties of the Innova thread tension, which are slightly different from older machines.  What does this mean to you?  It means that if you don’t have a local Innova dealer, no worries: outstanding support is a phone call away, and available when a local dealer would be closed!  What a fantastic thing!  I am exceedingly happy with ABM International and their customer service.


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