Here we go to MQS!

Excellent — MQS is this week! I am signed up for 9 different classes this week (hey, why go if not to take classes!). In addition, I’m really looking forward to checking out the robotic systems for the ABM Innova by ABM International and Munnich Designs. Had I mentioned that the Innova is here? It is a fantastic machine and I am particularly proud of myself for having gotten it! 🙂

ABM Innova 26"

The increased throat depth really gives you a much bigger canvas to work on, and the stitch regulator is fantastic. It’s taken a while to get used to the larger throat depth, but it is doable — connecting it to the robotic system is the next step. If you’re thinking of a machine, and only plan on doing freehand / panto work, with no super-large blocks, be aware that the 18″ is a little easier to handle. There’s roles for both machines — don’t just purchase the larger throat size without driving one! That’s a good rule any time you’re looking at purchasing a longarm — make sure and use the one you’re going to purchase. Every machine has individual traits, and you may fit better with one or the other.

Hope to see some of you at MQS!


5 Responses to Here we go to MQS!

  1. Shellie Whitman says:

    Congratulations on purchasing your new Innova Long Arm! I have been reviewing different long arm machines at trade shows for the last year, and I also was extremely impressed with the Innova. It quilts like butter – extremely smooth and without the vibration I found on other machines. I purchased my 26″ Innova through Teryl Loy Enterprises in St. George, UT. They include three full days of training in the purchase price. I really learned a lot these three days – enough so that I am already quilting at a beginner price level for others. I’m saving up now for the Robotics system. I love your blog and appreciate all the information that you share. Between my personal impression of the Innova and your comments – I’m a happy quilter!
    Shellie Whitman
    Tucson Quilter’s Guild
    Tucson AZ

  2. Kathy Vanacoro says:

    I am currently researching the Innova 18 and your blog certainly hopes to make up my mind….thanks for the updates….why did you chose this however, over a Gammill?

    • quiltingbyjeanne says:

      To be honest, I thought the Innova had a superior machine design with half of the cost of the Gamill. The 24/7 phone support from Innova is also unmatched!

  3. Kathy Vanacoro says:

    I just picked up my Innova 18 on Saturday and I can’t wait to get it up and running.

  4. quiltingbyjeanne says:

    Woohoo! Congratulations! I just posted a review of the AutoPilot system — check it out!

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