Upgrading to Innova — Tin Lizzie 18LS for sale

Woohoo!  The money from the “real” job finally came in, and I am upgrading my longarm system to the Innova 26″!  Unfortunately, not quite enough money came in to also get the Auto Pilot system, so I am transferring over my PCquilter to the Innova for now.  (I’m also upgrading the PCQuilter to the MQR system by Munnich Designs, so I’ll have a report on that once I get it all set up).

Anyway, that means that my Tin Lizzie 18LS system is up for sale!  I am asking $6500 for the entire system including 10′ and 13′ poles, zippered leaders (extra zippers!) a couple of rulers, the microhandles, and an extra bobbin case.  Is anyone out there interested?  I can help deliver if you are anywhere in the Cheyenne, WY – Castle Rock, CO range around Denver.  Let me know by responding to this blog or emailing me at sales@quiltingbyjeanne.com.



4 Responses to Upgrading to Innova — Tin Lizzie 18LS for sale

  1. jameswife2003 says:

    I would love to buy your TL, but I can’t get my DH to agree to anything more than $3,000. Don’t suppose you have a military discount?:) BTW, can I put a link to your blog on mine?

    • quiltingbyjeanne says:

      I would love to give a military discount (12 years in the Corps of Engineers myself), but I can’t afford to discount it that far. Sure, feel free to add a link!

  2. JoAnn says:

    I was wondering how you liked your tin lizzie. I have been considering buying one but know little about them. I have been quilting for many years and don’t like quilting on a standard sewing machine. I am not sure whether it’s worth the investment or should I just keep sending my quilts out to be quilted. Got any advice for me?

    • quiltingbyjeanne says:

      If you can find a used Tin Lizzie, it is a good starter machine to work with. If you possibly can, go and “drive” one first, as everyone likes different machines to their personal taste. The one thing to know about Tin Lizzie (and Handiquilter, I believe), is that the stitch regulator can only go up to 1500 stitches per minute. That means that if you start quilting fast, you can over-run the stitch regulator and your stitches will elongate. If you are a non-stitch-regulator person, this won’t be a problem. If you’re looking for a new machine, ABM has an 18″ machine that is at the same price point as the Tin Lizzie. I’d take a look at them. Good Luck!

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