MQS 2009 — Will I see you there?

In addition to the local quilt / craft shows that are in Denver in the spring, I like to go to some national conventions as well.  These conventions are focused on longarm quilting, and provide a wealth of new information, training, and ideas for my work.  Last year’s trip was Innovations 2008; this year I thought I would go to MQS 2009, in Overland Park, KS.  At first, I thought I could drive there, but Overland Park is right outside of Kansas City, which is a full day’s drive through Kansas (have you ever driven through Kansas?  There’s not much there to keep you awake!).  So, I made plane ticket and hotel reservations, and will be off to MQS from 12-16 May this year.

Priorities:  Looking at the latest longarm equipment — I’ve been dreaming about the Gammill Statler Stitcher system, but I want to make sure that there isn’t anything new out there that might be better.  Technique and design classes — these are always great to give new ideas on quiltling.  For example, at Innovations 2008, the word was “stippling and meandering are so last decade” (Sue Patten).  Lots of new quilting methods and designs are always shown.  And, of course, shopping!  Great conventions always have great vendor malls with lots of things to buy!

Will I see you there?  Give me a shout if you are planning on going!


2 Responses to MQS 2009 — Will I see you there?

  1. Linda Mason says:

    Jeanne..Sorry you think Kansas is dull, you just need to LOOK at the colors of the grasses, trees, the roll of the water washes. Even the plowed fields have color change! I live in Abilene, Ks. Right on 1-70. I am looking at the Innova, thought I’d wait until the Overland Park show to buy. Hopefully will be less or more bells. Would like to hear more about the Innova Auto Pilot. Hope to see you…Linda

  2. Dixie Decker says:

    I live in Wichita. Kansas and will be at the MQS Show in May to look at the latest gadgets and ideas. I bought a Gammill Statler Stitcher last May and I LOVE it. You can join the Statler Sisters group and learn tons just from everyon’s questions and answers. They also download free patters. The Statler maintenace folks are SUPER responsive. They also supply free upgrades to the computer program so it just keeps getting better. I hope i get to meet you…

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